We need more commercial films: Shakib Khan

Dhallywood “King” Shakib Khan has received a government grant of BDT 65 Lakhs for his co-produced film “Maya”. The actor is residing in the USA, and has received a green card recently. The “Golui” actor will come to Bangladesh to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha with his family and peers.

In a candid conversation over Whatsapp, the actor shared about his upcoming projects, and thoughts about the Bangladeshi film fraternity.

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Congratulations on receiving the government grant. How important is it for mainstream films to get funds?

Thank you! Government grants are indeed a great support for making big-budgeted films, and I am glad that “Maya”, despite having a commercial script, was considered for the fund. I feel that those who are regularly making films should be provided support. It can help the industry produce quality commercial films. In order to revive the industry, we should make more films that are entertaining.

Tell us about “Maya”.

“Maya” is one of my dream projects, I cannot disclose the details just yet. We are working on the pre-production, and plan to begin the shoots by the end of this year. Puja Chery will be in the lead cast with me. I can assure you that it will be a one-of-a-kind film.

When do you plan to come back to Bangladesh?

I will be here in a few days! Before I begin working on another film titled “Rajkumar”, I need to recharge myself by eating Eid special ‘deshi’ food, and I will celebrate the festival with my family.

If people thought I’ll just sit in the USA, they have another thing coming. I am not retiring any time soon!

In the post-covid era, the film industry is struggling to revive. At the same time, hall owners are suffering from not being able to run shows due to lack of audience.

Films like “KGF2”, “Pushpa”, “Spiderman: No Way Home”, and “No Time to Die” are all fully commercial movies. They are the greatest examples of how industries were revived in the post-pandemic world. I am not saying we are not making good films, but within our limitations we must try to focus on the audience’s choices.

In two decades of your career, this is the first Eid without any of your films getting released. How are your fans reacting to that?

I will eventually return with something big; my fans have to wait for some time. Also, there are some wonderful films queued for release this year.

What is your take on the politics surrounding the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC)?

The BFDC is not a place for politics, we have a specialised field for politics. It is a place for creativity. You will never see the such laughable activities of associations in any other film industry in the world – where people see more drama in real life, than on the screens. No wonder that our artistes have moved on from the place, and shoot elsewhere.

You were also a part of the association at one point.

Yes, I was a two-time president. When I realised that these associations are not benefitting the fraternity in any way, I detached myself from all of these activities.

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