“I stood in the same line twice for his autograph”

Today marks the death anniversary of noted writer and filmmaker Humayun Ahmed. Having worked together in projects like “Chandrakotha” and “Amar Ache Jol”, popular actor Ferdous walks down the memory lane, recalling his fond memories of the legendary writer.

I was a college student when I first met Humayun Ahmed at the Ekushey Boi Mela. He was giving out autographs at a stall. By that time, I had already read “Shankhanil Karagar” and “Nandito Noroke” and was a huge fan of his. Without further delay, I took a place in the long waiting lines at the stall.

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After buying one of his books, he signed it with the message, “Shubheccha” (Best Wishes). Having waited for a long time in the line, I could not digest the fact that he just wrote one word for me. I bought another book by him and stood back into the line.

When I reached him, he recognized me and asked, “Didn’t I just sign your book?”

“You just wrote a word for me and it hurt me, so I came back,” I replied.

This time he wrote, “Bhalobeshe Jaare Chhui Shei Jai Dhirgho Porobashe” (Everyone I love decides to leave).

This time, I was more than happy. What a beautiful line!

After college, I started pursuing higher academic at Dhaka University and also decided to venture out into modelling.

I decided to visit BFDC, unaware of the fact that I would be meeting my favourite writer for the second time. Upon arriving, Amir Hossain Babu introduced me to him.

Without delay, I shared my dream of becoming an actor with him. He asked if I would be able to concentrate on my studies if I set into this line of work.

I told him that I am confident that I will be able to pull it off.

“Confidence is essential, never let it leave you,” he said.

Long after this meeting, I received a call for him after my first film, “Hotath Brishti” was released. He blessed me and appreciated my effort.

I have taken up only two tele-productions in my life. “Esho”, one of the two, was directed by Humayun Ahmed. After “Hotath Brishty”, Humayun sir had requested me to take up this project of his. With time, our bond deepened, as I got the opportunity to work in his films.

We shared a unique friendship – he would be a father to me sometimes, sometimes an elder brother, often a well wisher and most of the time, a very special friend.

I remember how, during one of the “Mahurat” of his film at Nuhash Palli, he asked us to step in the water and asserted that the event will be held in the pond. Sunil Gangapadhaya, Matiur Rahman, and many others were present that day. Without delay, I hopped into the pond. That is how Humayun Ahmed was – a little crazy, childish at times, but knew how to enjoy little things in life.

He was very interested in the moon and stars. Once during shoot – he took us all to enjoy the full moon after dinner. I still remember the stories we all shared all night long under the beaming moonlight.

He enjoyed telling stories and we fondly enjoyed listening to him. Today, the moon, the night and us – everything stayed the same, only he decided to travel far away from us.

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